Strategic Implementation

”What if my community lacks the resources and time it takes to develop a comprehensive economic development strategic plan?”

You’re not alone, and when resources are limited our team has found great success in the process of strategic doing. What is strategic implementation? In short, it is the process of starting where you are, leveraging the assets and resources that are most readily available, and making strategic choices that can build economic momentum.

“Start now... Start where you are, with what you have. Just...start.”
— Attributed to multiple authors

At the heart of the process is a willingness and commitment to quickly learn from what is working and what isn’t, and then strategically modify the approach to ensure that time isn’t wasted on initiatives that have little chance of succeeding. Strategic implementation is an excellent way of generating excitement and capacity for economic development and involves organizing coalitions, developing local human capital networks, and building on success to fuel future success.

We structure our strategic implementation engagements to be flexible around the resources, objectives, and unique characteristics of each client. Give us a call to discuss your ideas and to get a quote.