Hotel Development

Nephi City, UT

Strategic Project Implementation

Implementation Phase

In order to better accommodate the strong business growth in Juab County, Nephi recognized the need for quality hotel rooms and meeting space in its community. 

Nephi has experienced strong economic growth in recent years, having won multiple out-of-state EDCU (Economic Development Corporation of Utah) expansion projects. One common concern expressed by prospective businesses considering an expansion to Nephi is the lack of high-quality hotel rooms and meeting space in the area. By resolving this concern through the development of a new hotel and meeting space, Nephi will be better positioned to capture more of these expansion opportunities. 

Nephi hired Better City to determine the most viable hotel locations within its community and recruit a reputable developer. To date, Better City has recruited in a national brand hotel developer, successfully facilitated a land transaction, developed a capital stack and financing plan to make the project economically viable, and is working with the City, Developer, and a lender to finalize the financing. Construction on a new upper midscale hotel is expected to begin in Spring 2019.